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Design of Green Infrastructure

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Boston, MA

We worked with the BWSC to provide engineering design services related to the design of Green Infrastructure (GI) in the North Beacon Street Area in Boston. The project involved exploring opportunities to implement GI which will become part of an overall plan to improve the quality of stormwater discharges to the Charles River. The plans for specific GI installations were primarily based upon existing information and data collected as part of the project.

The design of BMPs/GI was tailored to monitoring data collected by the Commission and will, in addition to addressing pollutant discharges, bolster public education efforts. The work under this project included developing conceptual designs for BMP’s/GI within the North Beacon Street Area, conducting efficiency analysis and selecting various BMP’s/GI, preparation of cost estimates using 30-year life cycle, providing opinions regarding the feasibility of implementing GI at the sites, and relating land use to cost-effective BMPs.

As part of the scope of work to design BMPs/GI, Green reviewed existing information materials, including the final draft Stormwater Best Management Practices Recommendation Report, BWSC GIS data, and system maps for use in identifying favorable areas for GI installation(s). Following the review of existing information, the Team completed site visits of 18 sites within the watershed area to better define appropriate GI technologies and to assess mapping accuracy. The site assessments considered available space for BMPs/GI installation, evaluated street/parking lot configuration and traffic flow, and observed existing grades and drainage patterns.