How Safe Are Your Bridges?

Chances are that you either drive over or under a bridge on your way to work, the grocery store, or to meet up with friends. Bridges are structures that are built to carry traffic over natural features like waterways or valleys, and over infrastructure such as roadways or railroads. But have you ever thought about […]

The Intrinsic Value of Landscape Architecture

As we’ve all learned as a child in our early science classes, that the green landscape including trees, shrubs and flowering plants are vital to human and wildlife survival. But it didn’t just come from “thin air” – no pun intended. The landscape you may think of as “natural” may not be natural at all. When you see […]

Why Your Municipality Still Needs Complete Streets

While COVID-19 has brought a world-wide pause to many activities, it also offers an opportunity to think more deeply about the future of our communities.  In that vein, we encourage you to consider the importance of Complete Streets in your community.  Although the Complete Streets way of thinking has been around for a number of […]

Technology Enabling Smaller Communities to Better Manage Their Roads

Every City or Town has a number of assets such as buildings, parks, schools, water and sewer systems, and its road system. Even the smallest of communities has tens of miles of roadways. In many cases, a municipal roadway system is one of the largest, if not the largest, asset owned by a community. According […]