Fruit Hill Ave

RIDOT Reconstruction

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North Providence, RI

RIDOT engaged Green to design traffic calming measures to reduce speeding, a roundabout to improve intersection capacity and safety, sidewalk reconstruction to meet ADA requirements, traffic signals, landscaping improvements, and roadway resurfacing.

Green’s design featured context sensitive, low-cost but effective traffic-calming measures at strategic locations. We completed roadway resurfacing design for nearly one mile of the Fruit Hill Avenue corridor, and sidewalk reconstruction. Our design took into consideration the surrounding residential and historic character of the roadway and implemented appropriate landscaping and design approaches the fit into the surrounding roadway and minimized impacts to the roadway and surrounding abutters. Our staff’s commitment to the quality of the project and key understanding of the project issues and goals allowed the design to be completed within budget and scope that translated directly into the successful completion of construction.

We were also responsible for the design of a single-lane roundabout to increase safety and capacity at the Fruit Hill Avenue and Olney Avenue intersection. In addition to geometric design, Green also performed a capacity analysis to evaluate operational performance and developed a complex phased construction and detour design to facilitate the construction. Other improvements included sidewalk reconstruction and landscaping.