Green Featured in NCHRP, DOT Practices on Road Safety Audits

A Road Safety Audit (RSA) that Green performed at the intersection of Sterling Street and Greeley Street in Clinton, MA was recently featured in the National Cooperative Highway Research Program’s (NCHRP), one of the most respected national engineering publications, Synthesis 615 entitled DOT Practices on Road Safety Audits. 

We completed this RSA as part of the Sterling Street reconstruction project, thanks to the expertise of Amy Allen, PE, PTOE, IMSA I, who is a Project Manager in Green’s Transportation Group, with over a decade of experience. She has significantly contributed to Green’s ability to produce high-quality RSAs and other transportation-related projects, resulting in well-deserved recognition of successes like these. 

Click here to read the publication.

This intersection was designated as a Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Crash Cluster due to its crash experience. The RSA was led by Green and carried out by a multidisciplinary team to address numerous safety concerns. Various safety improvements were recommended such as new cement concrete sidewalks, on-street bicycle lanes, oversized “Stop Ahead” signs, oversized flashing stop signs, retroreflective sheeting on signposts, reconfiguration of parking adjacent to the intersection, full depth pavement reconstruction, and a drainage evaluation, which are being incorporated into the Sterling Street project. 

An RSA acts as a blueprint or plan for a municipality to improve safety at their most critical locations, which can save time and money over the course of a project by establishing safety as a priority from the initiation of a project. Through completion of many RSAs, Green has developed expertise in the prioritization of safety for all users in our design projects. We are pleased that our report was chosen by MassDOT to be highlighted in the NCHRP’s recent RSA Synthesis, as we know that MassDOT completes over 50 RSAs per year with many different consultants.

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