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Campus Services Parking Lot

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Cambridge, MA

Green designed three parking lots and corrected surface drainage ponding and flooding. The parking area locations are William James Hall, the Observatory, and Shaler Lane, all located in City of Cambridge.

The project was on a fast-pace schedule and Green advanced the design of multiple parking lots simultaneously. Green’s scope of services included performing partial topographic field survey and providing civil engineering and construction administration services related to site grading, pavement, curb, sidewalk, and surface drainage improvements. Sidewalks and wheelchair ramps were designed to meet ADA and MAAB requirements. Existing pavement and the gravel subbase were removed and replaced for all sites. Throughout the project, Green coordinated very closely with Harvard and Northstar, as the project was on a fast-paced schedule.

For the Observatory Parking, Green designed a retaining wall at the end of a steep slope end of the parking lot and was able to raise the grade and achieve flatter slopes, which Harvard was very pleased with after construction was completed.