Complete Streets Planning & Design

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Littleton, MA

The Town of Littleton engaged Green to create a comprehensive Complete Streets Tier 2 Prioritization Plan. This plan was one of the first to be prepared under MassDOT’s grant program. Littleton, a more rural type community in the northwest section of the Boston region, had set forth a major priority to improve the walkability and biking in the community. Green assessed the level of connectivity and accommodation of non-vehicular modes of travel as well as conducted windshield surveys of major town roadways and an assessment of pedestrian and bicyclist safety both Town-wide and at key locations. Green worked closely with Town officials and the Complete Streets working group to identify opportunities and a decision process for prioritizing improvements. Approximately 25 miles of roadway were evaluated and more than 15 distinct projects with multiple components were identified for the Plan. Actions included new or improved sidewalks, ADA compliant ramps, upgraded pavement markings to improve safety for bicycle travel, reduced pedestrian crossing distances in a number of locations, improved bicycle access to train stations and recreation facilities, better bicycle parking facilities, and traffic calming/speed management devices.

Green continued to work with the Town to secure $394,970 in Tier 3 grant monies to begin implementing the Plan. The initial year of the Plan included constructing a new sidewalk along Russell Street to connect the neighborhood with both the schools and a commercial center, installing speed monitoring devices along Russell Street to encourage slower travel speeds, new school zone speed signs at the Shaker Lane Elementary School and installing new bicycle racks in the town center, two major recreation areas and two schools. Green provided engineering design services to the Town for the design of new sidewalks, rebuilt ADA ramps, electronic speed signs, and bicycle racks, which were essentially completed in September 2017.