Worcester Regional Airport

Cat III Instrument Landing System and Taxiway Project

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Worcester, MA

For this project, Green provided design and engineering services for the Worcester Regional Airport CAT III planning, permitting, and preliminary design project. This project involved construction of a jug-handle taxiway alongside a section of the airport’s largest runway to create a queuing lane for the aircraft away from the runway. In addition, a mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall was constructed bordering the taxiway object free area (TOFA).

Green was responsible for conducting hydrologic and hydraulic studies for existing and proposed conditions as well as the drainage and stormwater design. The stormwater design for the project includes various options and types of Stormwater Management Practices such as water quality structures and swales, and subsurface infiltration systems. Green’s responsibilities included reviewing all available existing drainage plans, identifying a suitable off-site location for the new stormwater treatment structures, and the preparation of drainage calculations, design plans, details, technical specifications, and stormwater reports. To support the stormwater and drainage design, Green performed supplemental field survey to locate and inspect existing drainage systems.