Contract 6540: Section 36/New 11B Interconnection/Watertown Section/Section 101 Extension/Shaft 9-A11 Site

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Arlington/Medford/Waltham/Watertown, MA

Green was responsible for the final design of this $15 million water system improvement project and prepared Bid Documents. The Design Documents included five separate portions of MWRA’s water system in Arlington, Watertown, Waltham and Medford as follows: 1) Replacement of cast iron pipe, with a new pipe, 2) Installation of redundant suction pipe for the Spring Street Pump Station, from WASM 3 to Section W11B, 3) Installation of pipe from Meter 182 to Waltham’s pipeline at the intersection of Lexington Street and Totten Pond Road in Waltham, 4) Sliplining pipe in Waltham and Watertown, 5) Butterfly Valve Replacement on Mystic Avenue in Medford.

Green designed the new watermains to avoid conflict with numerous underground utilities that existed along the pipe routes including water, sewer, drain, gas, electric and telephone. After submitting the 90% Design, the MWRA separated the Contract into three Construction Packages. The City of Waltham had plans to pave River Street, where the existing 30-inch water pipe is located. As such, all work associated with the rehabilitation project must be completed prior to the River Street paving project. Green prepared Bid Documents and met the advertisement date set by MWRA. As part of MWRA Contract No. 7448 water mains project, Green called for and designed the replacement of sanitary sewer lines in the Town of Arlington.