MWRA Contract 7474

Beacon Street Line Water Pipeline Repair, Design, Construction Administration and RE/RI Services

Brookline, MA

Green completed Bid Documents for the MWRA Design Contract No. 7474, Beacon Street Line (BSL) Water Pipeline Repair project. The BSL is part of MWRA’s low service system and a significant portion is located underneath the MBTA Beacon Street Green Line tracks. The BSL supplies Boston Meter 44 and provides important water supply redundancy to Boston Meter 60 which services the Longwood Medical area. An Alternatives Evaluation Technical Memorandum (AETM) was prepared to evaluate slip-lining methods for the entire 3,000 ft reach and localized repair alternatives. MWRA requested an alternative that would not disrupt the MBTA tracks and the localized repair from within the pipe using the carbon fiber reinforced polymer method was selected.

We designed the carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) localized repair for the 48-inch diameter water pipeline (BSL) near the intersection with Borland Street. The design included rehabilitation and replacement of existing pipeline segment at the access pits along with other appurtenances, installation of access manholes structures for future inspections and a leak detection system, protection and/or replacement of underground utilities, pavement restoration, sidewalk reconstruction, and traffic and environmental controls during construction. In addition, we assisted the MWRA in coordination with the Town of Brookline and obtained an access permit from MBTA.