Peabody Bike Path

MassDOT Peabody Independence Greenway Extension

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Peabody, MA

The Peabody Independence Greenway Extension begins at the trailhead near the Lahey Medical Clinic and extends to Endicott Street. The bikeway includes a dedicated on-road bike lane and a shared use path along North Shore Road. Green designed 1.3 miles of bikeway which included preparation of Right of Way Plans, preparation of functional design report, hydraulic study, early environmental coordination, development of bridge type selection worksheet, and sketch plans.

A portion of the bikeway is located on a raised boardwalk to cross over an existing wetland area. We provided planting design along the entire bikeway and detailing of site amenities such as benches, bike racks, and an informational kiosk for this bikeway. Significant coordination was made during the Notice of Intent process with the Mass DEP for 100-year flood storage compensatory areas and minimization of the wetland impacts. Through various avoidance and minimization measures, including use of a raised boardwalk, the total wetland impact is under 5,000 s.f. to avoid a variance to the Wetland Protection Act.