Peabody Square

Intersection Improvements

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Peabody, MA

Green was responsible for the design of surface roadway realignments, intersection improvements, drainage improvements and streetscape improvements including a pedestrian plaza and sitting areas. We coordinated closely with the City to successfully bring the project through multiple public hearings and 100% design plans, and ultimately the successful completion of construction. The design implements components of Complete Streets practices such as bump-out’s, sidewalk widening, ADA compliance, and installation of new street lighting and traffic signals.

Peabody Square regularly floods and is within the FEMA 100-year flood zone. To obtain the necessary approvals, we developed an innovative design to provide compensatory flood storage to offset the loss of storage in the project by reconstructing and lowering a City-owned parking lot. Visual and pedestrian improvements were a major priority of this project. Detailing of specialty pavements include paver crosswalks, permeable pavers at street trees, brick plaza pavement, concrete and granite accents. Landscape features were designed with consideration of maintenance and durability.