RIDOT On-Call Inspection

Statewide Bridge Inspection & Load Rating Services

Statewide – Rhode Island

We have an On-Call Statewide Bridge Inspection contract with RIDOT and have performed inspections and load ratings on bridge structures throughout the state. For this contract, each bridge undergoes both an inspection and load rating.  Green has completed numerous Routine, Fracture Critical and Special Level inspections, all in accordance with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) National Bridge Inspection Standards and the RIDOT Bridge Inspection Data Management Manual. We have also prepared load rating reports in accordance with American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Manual for Bridge Evaluation using the LRFD methodology for several bridges.


The inspections are performed on structures that both carry and travel over major interstate highways and waterways. Our teams have used various types of accessing equipment including ladder/bucket trucks, cube van with signs, snoopers, barges, and boats. The inspection assignments have included a variety of structure types, including steel truss, steel multi-beam, steel box girder, concrete slab, concrete and masonry arch, box culvert and rigid frame structures. We also provided the maintenance of traffic, non-destructive testing, D-meters, and dye penetrant test kits, using specialized access equipment and providing safety to the public and the bridge crew.